A lot of Pixel 4 leaks have been shown lately, including lots of good looks at the hardware and design of Google’s new phone. Now another leak is here to give another early preview of the Pixel 4, and shows off some of the new features coming with the device.

Active Edge is a feature we’ve seen on past Pixel phones, letting you squeeze the sides of the device to activate Google Assistant. A report from Nextrift shows that Active Edge is available in the Pixel 4 XL, too. Google added a gesture to Android 10 that lets you active the Assistant with a swipe up from one of the bottom corners of the screen, but it’s nice to have another shortcut to call up the Google Assistant.

A new feature of the Pixel 4 XL is Face Unlock, which previous leaks have shown includes a setup similar to Apple’s Face ID. Today we’re learning more about Google’s implementation of Face Unlock, which includes a warning that your phone could unlock when you don’t intend for it to, like if someone holds up your phone to your face. Google also says that your phone could be unlocked by someone who looks a lot like you, such as an identical sibling.

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