Almost everything about Apple’s iPhone 11 range has leaked. The goodthe badthe inexplicable and even Apple wants us to know the release date. But it turns out Apple still had some surprises hidden. Until now.

In terms of design, Weinbach reveals Apple will give all its new iPhones a matt finish which will feel tangibly different to previous generations (hopefully grippier) as well as a new rainbow shimmer to the Apple logo on the back. The ‘iPhone’ branding is also expected to disappear from the back of the phones for the first time in their 12-year history. 

Weinbach also says that Face ID is getting big performance improvements for its third generation and speeds will be inline with the second (and final) generation of Touch ID. This would be a massive speed increase (Face ID is currently far behind) and, given the number of times owners unlock their phones every day, perhaps the most practical benefit of everything here.